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SVR Festival

27 June 2018

Two days, 81 teams – our biggest Festival…

PK Swiss Valley Rangers Tournament 2018 0103

Blazing sunshine greeted our fourth annual Festival on 23/24 June, our first crack at a two-day event.

First off, huge thanks to all players, parents, coaches, managers who joined us – we really enjoyed hosting you all and hope the children enjoyed themselves.

In contrast to previous Festivals, it was the dry ground and warm weather giving us the most cause for concern… Have we got enough water on site, can we peg down the marquee, stick the flags in and most importantly, keep the players safe during games… Though there was something else that gave us a bit of panic…

PK Swiss Valley Rangers Tournament 2018 0102Picture the scene… Friday 9pm, Festival organising committee just finishing things off. Then we get dive-bombed by what we think is a hornet. Then another. And another…. Overweight middle-aged men run around like idiots trying to avoid flying beasties… We jump in cars. Suddenly there’s hundreds of them. We’re thinking ‘If this lot hang around, we can’t have a Festival… Who’s going to eat all this Moaom?’ Anyway, things calm down. We find one looking a bit dead, a photo is taken, Google enlisted. Turns out it was a swarm of Cockchafer beetles. Happy days – drama over.

A big thank you to all SVR parents who helped set things up and take them all down again….

And finally to the Festival organising committee… Phill Donkin, Neil Bowler, Craig Timbrell, Kevin Moore, Steve Brown and Paul Sperring. Nice one – same again next year.

Please watch our video below...